Sparsha PreSchool

Touching the lives of children by giving them the learning, they deserve.

Welcome to one of the most cheerful, friendliest and world-class Preschool /Montessori House in Bangalore. At this age, children are eager to investigate the world and experiment with everything they see around themselves.

At Sparsha Preschool,we work towards exploring the innate potential of each child believing each child to be unique. Our goal is to stimulate their curiosity, guide them to explore, help them to acquire skills and instill the joy of learning which would set the tone for the rest of their lives, we strive to fill every day in your child’s life with new and wonderful experiences to help them find what they love doing and what inspires them.

One of the most important benefits of coming to Sparsha Pre-School is the social interaction and learning to be self-dependant. In our Playschool the children here are safe and feel safe- physically, emotionally and socially. Young children learn social skills when they interact with other children. These Cognitive & social skills are critical to developing a personality.

At Sparsha Preschool, our constant endeavor is to make your child’s initial formative years memory of kindergarten, by acting as a support system that will shoulder the responsibility with parents in making their wards develop a genuine love for learning during their formative years.